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Hair and makeup by Steph, photography by Michelle Sallay. 


How to Make Your Hair Curls Stay

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Often I have clients who sit down in my chair and say "Good luck with my hair.  It's stick straight and won't hold a curl for anything."  Then I secretly do the mad scientist cackle in my mind and think. . . Oh just you wait. . . your hair will curl.
And it does!  Your hair can curl, I promise.  It's just a matter of knowing the right tricks to make it stay.     

Hair Curls

Next time you curl your hair, take these tips into consideration:

1.  If your hair is stick straight or freshly washed, the key to making it curl is using the right product.  If you want your hair to curl, and you want your curls to stay, you can't skip the product!  Boing Cream by Unite is my favorite curling cream.  Technically this product is for people with naturally curly hair, but it works great on stick straight hair or hair that never holds a curl.  Styling Mousse, spray wax and curl setting spray are also good prepping products. 

2.  Flat iron curls tend to hold better than curling iron curls.  It's tricky at first to curl with the flat iron on yourself, but once you get it down you will be amazed how well they stay in!  To curl, use a flat iron that's thin, has rounded edges and gets hot on the outside as well.  When curling, if you are getting kinks that means you are holding it too tight.  If the flat iron won't slide down the hair, try brushing out the section first so it's nice and smooth.   

3.  If you'd rather curl with the curling iron, spray your hair with hairspray before you curl, let it sit for a second to dry (so it doesn't sizzle), and then curl it.  Once it's curled, gently brush through the curl so it's not crispy.  The hairspray will help with the hold, but brushing it out will keep it looking soft.  Best of both worlds!

4.  Try clipping up each curl as you go to let it set in place while it cools.  This will allow the cuticle to cool and close while it's in the curl shape, making it stay a lot longer once you take the clips out.  

5.  Once all of your hair is curled, spray it one last time with hairspray and then blow dry it on low for a few seconds.  The heat plus the hairspray will really glue the curls in place.  

6.  If your ends won't curl no matter what you do, that means it's time for a trim.  Damaged and split ends are stubborn and sometimes won't take to the curl.  Getting a trim and keeping it healthy will help it curl a lot better.  

7.  Invest in nice tools.  I use Hot Tools curling irons, and they work great.  Having a nice curling iron will not only speed up your curling time, but it will be less damaging, create bouncier curls and help your curls stay in longer.   

The most important part of your wedding day hairstyle is the front, the hair that frames your face.  Obviously that's what the photographer will capture the most, so it's important not to neglect your bangs and fringe area.  But what should you do with your bangs?  Sometimes the wedding hairstyle you want doesn't work the type of bangs you have.  Luckily there are some things you can do to incorporate your bangs into your style.   

If you have short bangs:  
1.  If you are wearing your hair curly or wavy, make sure to add a little curl to your bangs.  Stick straight bangs won't flow as well with your hairstyle as softly curled bangs will. 

2.  If you want your to wear your bangs back, go for a soft, airy look.  The shorter length of the bangs will add extra body to the top.  Just make sure to use lots of hairspray!

3.  If you want to wear your bangs swept to the side, a trick I always use on brides is clear eyelash glue.  Style your bangs where you want them to lay, add a dot or two of eyelash glue to your forehead under your bangs and glue them in place.  It really works! (All of these brides have their bangs glued in place.)

4.  A small twist, braid, or pompadour is another cute way to keep short bangs in place.  

If you have long bangs: 
1.  Long bangs work really well if you want to wear your bangs all back.  Backcomb at the roots and add some wave for a really elegant look. 

2.  If you have no bangs at all, you might want to consider at least some layering around your face.  Soft layers around your face will add body and frame an updo really well. 

3.   If you want your bangs secure and out of the way, but still want them swept to the side, pin them loosely into your hair style.  It will give your bangs the side swept look while keeping them secure at the same time. 

4.  Long bangs can do pretty much any kind of braid or twist, so that's another great option.  

How to Make Your Color Last - pigment shampoo

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Isn't her hair color fabulous??  She has been all shades of red, and lately we've been going with a coppery Emma Stone red.  So flattering on her.     

Haiir Color
Haiir Color

 If you've ever had a bright hair color like this, you know it tends to fade really fast.  No one wants a faded color! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your hair color in between your appointments:

1.  A good rule of thumb is the more unnatural the color, the faster it will fade.  Blue, green, violet, red, anything like that is going to fade a lot faster than the natural tones will. If you are tired of your hair fading so fast, consider doing a more natural color.

2.  Putting a dark color over blonde hair will also fade really quickly.  If you are a blonde going dark, ask your stylist to have your hair "filled" first.  A color fill is a two step process, first adding the missing pigments to your hair at the target level, then finishing by coloring your hair the desired color.  Basically it's like adding a "base" or underlying pigment for the dark color to grab on to.  Most stylists will fill a blonde going dark already, but ask just to be safe.  Your rich brunette color will last a lot longer. 

3.  Wash your hair in cold water.  Hot water opens up the hair cuticle, allowing hair color to rinse out a lot easier.  Washing it in cold water will keep the cuticle closed, locking color in.  No one wants to stand in a cold shower though, so it doesn't have to be Titanic cold, just on the cool side. 

4.  Use professional shampoo.  This one is awesome.  Drugstore shampoos might be OK for natural colors or those who don't color their hair, but if you have a color that you want to stay vibrant, use a nice shampoo.  Cheap shampoos are harsh and will strip the color from your hair. 

5.  Try a pigment shampoo.  Pigment shampoos are targeted to specific hair colors.  They deposit color or tones that specific hair colors need.  If you are blonde, use a purple shampoo like Unite Blonda Shampoo.   Purple shampoo will keep your blonde fresh and prevent it from turning brassy.  If you have red hair use a red shampoo like Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing ShampooThis shampoo will literally deposit red pigment, freshening up your color every time you wash your hair.  They make pigment shampoos for a variety of colors.  

6.  Try not to wash your hair every day.  Water, like heat, opens up the hair cuticle.  The less you wash it, the less chance there is that it will fade.  Use a dry shampoo for days in between washing.  No one wants stinky hair :)

7.   Avoid UV rays.  If you are going to tan, put a towel over your hair.  If you are going to be in the sun, try to wear a hat or use a sun protection spray like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil.  You can also try switching up your part so different sides of your hair are exposed to the sun, preventing it from fading a lot in one spot. 

8.   Chlorine can also strip hair color.  Avoiding swimming within the first 48 hours of coloring your hair.